'It is being contained!' Kellyanne Conway gets snippy with reporter who points out coronavirus is still spreading
Kellyanne Conway

Trump White House counselor Kellyanne Conway got snippy with CBS News' Paula Reid on Friday after the reporter pointed out that the Trump administration had not yet stopped the spread of coronavirus, despite multiple boasts about it being "contained."

During a press conference, Reid asked Conway to account for the Trump administration's sluggish response to coronavirus in the United States -- and Conway immediately denied anything wrong had happened.

"You talked about how the administration initially had this contained, but during that time, why didn't the administration send out more tests and work to get hospitals prepared?" she asked. "Even today, the state of Florida is saying they can't test everyone, per the administration's guidelines, because they don't have enough tests!"

Conway tried to pivot to say that the government was "ramping up" its production of testing kits, but Reid wouldn't take her answer at face value.

"But why now, why didn't they do it while it was contained?" she asked.

"It is being contained," Conway replied, and then turned the question back on Reid. "Do you not think it's being contained?"

"The virus is spreading throughout the country," Reid shot back.

Watch the video below.