Joe Biden wins Arizona primary as coronavirus ravages nation
Former Vice President Joe Biden (Facebook)

According to NBC News, ABC News and The New York Times, former Vice President Joe Biden is the projected winner the Democratic presidential primary in Arizona, defeating Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in a closely-watched state.

Biden's victory comes as much of the nation shuts down over the coronavirus pandemic. Some states, like Ohio, have opted to delay their primaries rather than risk transmission of the virus at polling places. Arizona is one of the less affected states, because voters there are broadly able to vote by mail, reducing the risk of long lines and exposure for in-person voters.

Arizona is considered a possible "tipping point" state in 2020 — that is, a state that could give either candidate the whole election if they win it. Though Trump carried the state in 2016, it has been pushed left by demographic changes. Arizona now has a Democratic senator, Kyrsten Sinema, and its other senator, Martha McSally, is facing a strong Democratic challenger this year in former astronaut Mark Kelly.

Recent polls have shown the state highly competitive in the general election.