Massachusetts COVID-19 loan program looks like a disaster-in-the-making
Business man under falling money banknotes screaming (Shutterstock).

It took my DigBoston colleagues and I a few days to turn our weekly print newspaper operation into a digital news outlet ready to publish articles and opinion pieces to our new mobile-friendly website seven days a week. With Massachusetts residents basically home or working limited schedules (telecommuting if they’re lucky, driving or taking the T as usual if they’re not), people are online much of the day and night looking for information they can use about the coronavirus pandemic. And, happily, we’re ready to meet that demand.

Now, I am sitting down at my keyboard to write my first piece that’s not a fairly prosaic news roundup since early last week. And I feel like it’s just as well that I gave local and state governments (and the corporations that control them) a bit of quiet time to formulate their responses to the current crisis before I start criticizing them. Spirit of fair play and all that: Affording leaders like Mayor Marty Walsh and Gov. Charlie Baker a chance to succeed.

But quiet time is over. Because they clearly don’t know what to do.

It’s hard to know where to even begin to start teasing out the manifold contradictions in the several rolling disasters-in-the-making that are the government and linked corporate responses to the COVID-19 disaster. However, there is some low-hanging fruit in state government that I might as well start with.

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