Michigan governor shrugs off Trump's attacks: 'The real enemy is COVID-19'
Image via Twitter.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly attacked Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI), complaining that "the woman in Michigan" has not been nice enough to him, and according to her, medical supplies to Michigan from the federal government have been delayed as this feud has unfolded.

In a video posted to Twitter on Friday, Whitmer shrugged off the attacks from Trump — and urged the state and the country to unite in the face of the pandemic threat.

"My team and I are working 24/7, as I know there are wonderful people in the federal government, from the White House down, working 24/7 as well," said Whitmer. "We know that COVID-19 cases are rising exponentially, and they will do so across the country, but right now Michigan is a hot spot. Right now, we have got people fighting for their lives in our hospitals, families who are mourning loved ones, and we need assistance. We need more masks and more gloves and more gowns. We need the PPE right now. We are worried about making it through this weekend."

"And so that's why it's on all of us to lock arms to meet this challenge," said Whitmer. "Remember: the enemy is COVID-19. This is a phenomenal country. I am proud to be an American. And I know that we can beat any challenge before us so long as we do it together."

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