Mitch McConnell complains it's not fair for his opponent to be attacking him while there's a pandemic going on
Mitch McConnell apears on Fox News (screen grab)

On Monday, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported that campaign officials for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) are complaining that it's not fair for his Democratic opponent to be plastering the airwaves with attack ads against him in the middle of a global pandemic.

"Amy McGrath’s decision to blanket the airwaves with deceitful ads during the coronavirus outbreak is tasteless and shameful," said Kevin Golden, the manager of McConnell's re-election campaign. "As Kentuckians adjust their daily lives and schedules to help stem the outbreak, the last thing they need to see on TV is negative political advertising. The McGrath campaign must stop airing all of their advertisements."

McConnell, incidentally, has received harsh criticism for how he has handled the outbreak in the first place, as he kept the Senate in recess for three days as the crisis exploded.

McGrath's team is unfazed by the demand.

"Amy is well aware of the stress the coronavirus pandemic is causing Kentuckians and our nation," said McGrath campaign spokesman Terry Sebastian. "The only person who doesn’t seem to understand that is Sen. McConnell. He has a 35-year failed track record on issues like health care and jobs in Kentucky, and now — during a public health crisis — he took a long weekend instead of doing his job and working to pass a relief package immediately."

McGrath is one of many Democrats running to challenge McConnell, including Marine veteran Mike Broihier and state Rep. Charles Booker. But she is presumed to be the favorite in the primaries due to her massive fundraising advantage. The Senate race itself is likely to be closely watched, but Democrats will face an uphill battle in a deeply conservative state and against a seasoned, entrenched incumbent.