MSNBC's Morning Joe buries Trump's useless coronavirus travel ban: 'The killer is already inside the house!'
President Donald Trump and Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough was not reassured by President Donald Trump's speech on the coronavirus pandemic.

The "Morning Joe" host ripped the president for highlighting his administration's ban on travel from Europe, rather than focusing on and expanding testing for the virus, and said Trump still doesn't seem to understand the severity of what the world is facing.

"Health care officials are fine with bans from other countries," Scarborough said, "fine with, you know, trying to keep more infected people out of the United States, right? If that's what you're leading with, a ban, if that's your focus, you don't understand, as somebody said last night on Twitter, that the killer is already inside the house."

"You need to worry first about the killer inside of the house before -- but go ahead and lock the door," he continued. "Stop other killers from coming inside the house, but the lede last night should have been testing. The lede last night should have been social distancing. The lede last night should have been relief for workers who are being sent home because their children are home from school. The lede last night should have been a lot of things, and the president just didn't talk about it. He talked, again, about bans. He talked about bans from Europe but, somehow, deciding to exempt Great Britain, which actually makes very little sense, if you look at the numbers themselves. This president last night, sadly, was just overmatched by history."

Scarborough compared the president's remarks to George W. Bush's "unsettled" speech hours after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, but he said Trump won't be able to turn things around like his predecessor did nearly 20 years ago unless he fully appreciates the nature of this public health threat.

"My sources inside the administration tell me there are more reasons to be concerned about who is working inside the administration," Scarborough said. "That it is not just the president who sees this primarily as an economic challenge. It is other top officials inside the administration who seem oblivious to the health care pandemic, to the crisis that may be coming in the next few weeks, unless we take dramatic action. There is no evidence right now that the president and all his men and women will rise to the occasion."