MSNBC's Morning Joe sees shift in Fox News virus coverage: 'Even Sean Hannity said the White House screwed up'

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough noticed that Fox News seems to be turning against President Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

The "Morning Joe" host rolled video clips of Fox News hosts Martha McCallum and Sean Hannity grilling Trump administration officials who were unable to offer guidance on the public health crisis, and he thinks something may have changed at the conservative network.

"Hold on," he said. "Martha MacCallum went back at [Medicare/Medicaid administrator Seema Verma] three times. She talked about -- the answer was, instead of ventilators, she talked about rapid dialogue, we're going to have rapid dialogue."

"The head of HHS [Alexander Azar] was asked a very direct question, Sean Hannity asked a question that followed up on what the president said," Scarborough added. "If you want a test, you can get a test. Sean Hannity asked the question, I think the most important question, actually, that Americans want to know right now. If I want a test for my parents, if I want a test for my grandparents, if I want a test for my child, for my boy or girl that has an underlying health condition, can I get it? Azar didn't answer. What did he say? He said, we're going to try to make it, quote, a more seamless experience. This, this is why the markets are freaking out. This is why the markets have lost the majority of what they gained under Donald Trump as president."

Scarborough said mistakes are forgivable in politics, but he said even Fox News agreed the administration had to atone for its handling of the virus.

"Here's the thing, all right?" he said. "Everybody screws up, everybody makes mistakes. Every president makes mistakes, every administration is asleep at the switch from time to time, all right? Okay, you screwed up -- we get it. Even Sean Hannity said last night, the White House screwed up on testing. Okay, great. So what are you doing now?"