Paul Krugman launches devastating tweetstorm indicting 'man-child' Trump for coming explosion of coronavirus cases
President Donald Trump told reporters at the G7 summit in France's Biarritz he had taken two 'very, very good' phone calls from Chinese officials. (AFP / Nicholas Kamm)

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman launched a 10-tweet broadside at Donald Trump and the "anti-science" Republican Party on Saturday, laying the blame on them for what he expects to be an explosion of coronavirus cases in the U.S.

Beginning by writing, "There are now good reasons to believe that the coronavirus will hit America especially hard, even though it originated in China," the Nobel Prize-winning economist explained that the possible massive pandemic could have been limited if the country wasn't being run by a "man-child" supported by sycophants in the White House and in Congress.

"First, we have a man-child as president: not only does he judge everything solely in terms of whether it makes him look good, he has a very short-term focus. Downplay the threat to win today's news cycle, never mind what might happen down the road, " he charged before writing, "He demands obsequious displays of personal loyalty from all around him — which means that everyone with principles, and almost everyone with expertise, has been driven out. We're led by the team that couldn't think straight."

Krugman then laid out the case against the GOP.

"Remember, the Bush administration crippled FEMA before Katrina; the degrading of epidemic response under Trump is the same kind of thing, " he explained. "Also, the GOP has been at war with science for a long time. A party that denies climate science and evolution isn't going to be hospitable to good epidemiology."

The columnist concluded by darkly warning, "I have American friends currently in Europe considering whether to extend their stay in the belief that universal health care and leave policies will make them safer. They may well be right."

You can see his tweets below: