‘Shut this puppy down’: James Carville wants Bernie Sanders to get out of 2020 race after Biden's Michigan win
Democratic strategist James Carville (screengrab)

Longtime Democratic strategist James Carville called for an end to the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination during a Tuesday night appearance on MSNBC.

"These voters want to shut this thing down," Carville said. "I mean, you can just look all across the spectrum of the Democratic Party and people are saying, 'We've made our decision, this is who we're going with.'"

Carville is hoping the primary ends immediately.

"Let's shut this puppy down and let's move on and worry about November, this thing is decided. There's no reason to keep it going not even a day longer," he argued.

"We've got to bring this party together, we've got to stop this," Carville said. "This is not any avail to continue this thing any longer. It really isn't."

"No Democrat wants this to go on," he added.