‘The deadly incompetence of Republican governance is a feature, not a bug’: Columnist warns GOP leads to ‘disaster’
Donald Trump at press conference

A noted New York Times columnist says now is actually the right time for partisan recriminations, given that the Republican Party has led the U.S. to disaster after disaster.

"It’s tempting to say that now is not the time for partisan recrimination," writes Jamelle Bouie in "Don’t Let Trump Off the Hook."

"But this is the second consecutive Republican administration to lead the United States to disaster. The difference is that it took George W. Bush most of his two terms to bring the country to the brink of economic collapse — Trump has done it in less than four years. He’s even hit some of the same milestones; Bush let Hurricane Katrina drown New Orleans, Trump let Hurricane Maria destroy Puerto Rico."

"In other words, now absolutely is the time for recriminations, because it’s the only way we might avoid another such administration in a country where control of government moves like a pendulum."

"The public needs to know that the Republican Party is culpable for the present crisis, just as it was culpable for the Great Recession," Bouie adds.

He covers Trump's attempts to rewrite the history of his catastrophic coronavirus actions.

And he goes into the most recent GOP scandal: Republican Senators who dumped stocks after getting classified briefing on the impending coronavirus pandemic.

The American public, Bouie writes, "needs to understand that the deadly incompetence of Republican governance is a feature, not a bug."

Read the entire column here.