'Time to double up on canned goods': Internet recoils after Larry Kudlow says we shouldn't 'panic' about economy

Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow, who just last week insisted that coronavirus had been "contained," is now telling Bloomberg Businessweek that we shouldn't be worried about the virus's impact on the American economy.

In the interview, Kudlow insisted that the economy was doing completely fine, although he acknowledged there might be some hiccups related to coronavirus.

"I am aware that there are going to be some speed bumps coming," he said. "But in talking to the president about this... we’re not going to panic over this at all, because the economy is sound, and we will get through this, and then the virus will end."

Kudlow, of course, is infamous for making decades' worth of failed predictions about the economy, including in 2008 when he insisted that the housing bubble would not send the United States into a recession.

Because of this, many Twitter users saw Kudlow's latest declaration as a sign to panic, as worse things are inevitably on the way.

Check out some reactions below.