Trump campaign cancelling fundraisers — but refusing to admit it's over coronavirus concerns
(Frederic Legrand - COMEO /

In recent days, multiple fundraiser events featuring surrogates of President Donald Trump have been delayed or canceled for supposed "scheduling conflicts."

However, looking at these events, a pattern emerges: there appears to have been a risk of coronavirus exposure.

For example, First Lady Melania Trump canceled a fundraiser that was set to take place in Beverly Hills, California next week. This occurred around the same time that Los Angeles County declared a state of emergency over coronavirus.

And the previous day, a "Women For Trump" bus trip that was scheduled to stop in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio and feature the president's daughter-in-law Lara Trump has been delayed. This came as one of the people scheduled to be part of that trip, Mercedes Schlapp, along with her husband Matt Schlapp, were caught at the center of the coronavirus scare at the Conservative Political Action Conference, which the two of them organize and oversee.

Through all of this, the president himself has continued to attend rallies and shake hands as though nothing is wrong. But the campaign cancellations appear to be an early trouble sign of what could be coming.