Trump campaign sues the Washington Post for spreading the 'Russia conspiracy': report
Donald Trump AFP

This Tuesday, President Trump's presidential campaign filed a lawsuit against the Washington Post for publishing “false and defamatory statements” about its alleged collusion with Russia in the run up to the 2016 election, Fox News reports.

“The statements were and are 100 percent false and defamatory. The complaint alleges The Post was aware of the falsity at the time it published them, but did so for the intentional purpose of hurting the campaign, while misleading its own readers in the process,” Senior Legal Adviser to the Trump campaign Jenna Ellis said in a statement. According to Ellis, the Post disseminated a "conspiracy" as fact.

The complaint alleges Post columnist Greg Sargent's June 13 article, “Trump just invited another Russian attack. Mitch McConnell is making one more likely," made false allegations about the Trump campaign's alleged collusion with Russia, calling the allegations "defamatory" and "false," adding that the Mueller Report "concluded there was no conspiracy between the Campaign and the Russian government, and no United States person intentionally coordinated with Russia’s efforts to interfere with the 2016 election."

The complaint also cites other Post articles that focused on the Mueller investigation.

As Fox News points out, the Trump campaign says it filed the lawsuit to “publicly establish the truth,” and to “properly inform” readers of true facts in order to "appropriate remedies for the harm caused” by the reporting.

“The articles at issue herein also are part of the Post’s systematic pattern of bias against the Campaign, designed to maliciously interfere with and damage its reputation and ultimately cause the organization to fail,” the complaint stated.

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