Trump can’t escape blame for putting his own interests first as coronavirus spread: conservative columnist
President Donald Trump hugging a flag (screengrab)

Writing in the Washington Post today, columnist Jennifer Rubin contends that President Trump will not escape blame for his bungling of the early response to the coronavirus outbreak.

"There are powerful forces diminishing Trump’s spin: Republican governors who are doing valiant work," Rubin writes. "These Republicans are speaking truth and behaving rationally, pushing back against the White House. Republicans in those states and beyond might take the pronouncements of reality-based governors to heart over Trump’s ludicrous claims."

Rubin points out that Trump has been successful in trapping his most loyal supporters in an information bubble, helping him escape "one scandal after another," but a pandemic that kills tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, "is a reality that will be difficult to spin as a success, as Trump would like."

"In any case, Republican governors will be powerful reminders months from now that the virus did not prioritize red or blue states, but that Trump prioritized his own interests over the country’s and operated on self-delusion instead of facts," she writes. "Not even the new right-wing bubble will be able to block that out."

Read Rubin's full op-ed over at The Washington Post.