Trump hit with hilarious fact checks after joking he hasn’t touched his face ‘in weeks’ due to coronavirus

When President Donald Trump met with airlines executives on Wednesday, March 4,  he assured them that despite the coronavirus outbreak, it was still safe to fly. The president commented that because of coronavirus, “I haven’t touched my face in weeks. It’s been weeks! I miss it.” And Twitter users are fact-checking that claim, demonstrating that Trump has, in fact, touched his face more recently than that.

During the meeting with airline executives, Trump told them, “I think it’s safe to fly. We have closed down certain sections of the world, frankly…. Yes, it’s safe.”

The conversation segued into a discussion of good hygiene, which was when Trump commented on not having touched his face in weeks — a claim that Twitter user Matt Walsh debunked, posting a photo of Trump touching his face three days earlier on March 1. And C-Span reporter Tyler Bartlam posted a photo of Trump touching his face on March 2.