Trump is livid at Jared Kushner over the ‘inept and flat-footed’ coronavirus response: report
Jared Kushner appears on CNN with Van Jones/Screenshot

President Donald Trump has lost faith in his son-in-law and senior advisor, according to a bombshell new report by Gabriel Sherman in Vanity Fair.

"With the markets in free fall despite emergency action by the Fed over the weekend, Trump is waking up to the reality that’s been clear to everyone: Coronavirus poses a once-in-a-hundred-years threat to the country," Vanity Fair reported. "As Trump processes the stakes facing the country—and his presidency—he’s also lashing out at advisers, whom he blames for the White House’s inept and flat-footed response. Sources say a principal target of his anger is Jared Kushner."

Sherman interviewed a former West Wing official about Trump's change in attitude towards his daughter's husband.

“I have never heard so many people inside the White House openly discussed how pissed Trump is at Jared,” the former West Wing official said.

Kushner has taken the lead in the White House response.

"Trump was also said to be angry that Kushner oversold Google’s coronavirus testing website when in fact the tech giant had a fledgling effort. Trump got slammed in the press for promoting the phantom Google product," Vanity Fair noted.