Trump is making coronavirus outbreak all about himself as he privately whines to aides: CNN

During a panel discussion on CNN this Monday, host Dana Bash wondered "whether or not the President gets it" when it comes to the seriousness of the burgeoning coronavirus crisis.

"I talked to a source this morning who was in contact with [Trump] who said, 'It's all about me. Why is this happening to me? Why is the economy, which is good, not gonna be so good to me in this election season,' so on and so forth."

"It starts at the top," Bash continued. "It always starts at the top in any organization, in any situation. So that's a big concern, number one, and then number two is, operationally, even though Mike Pence is out there, people around him are out there, there are really big questions."

Watch Bash make her comments in the video below: