Trump White House called to complain about tweet describing O'Hare airport chaos -- and offered no help: Illinois governor

Appearing on Meet the Press, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzer (D) said the only response he got from the White House about his Twitter accusation about travelers being stuck in O'Hare airport awaiting health checks was a complaint from an unnamed staffer -- and no offer of help.

Speaking with host Chuck Todd, the lawmaker called out the White House which caused the mess by not staffing up DGS employees after the president deeclared a travel halt involving Europe.

“I got a call at about 11:00 last night after that tweet from a White House staffer who yelled at me about the tweet. That is what I got," he explained. "Now, we’ve been talking to Customs and Border Patrol officials directly on the ground at O’Hare. I’ve been working with the mayor and our senators to make sure we’re getting the federal government to pay attention to this problem because we can’t have it happen all day today.”

You can see his tweets and the video below: