Trump's adult children targeted by merciless new 'Grifter' ad series that will air on Fox News
Donald Trump, Jr. with Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump (Twitter)

An anti-Trump conservative group is taking aim at the president's "grifter" children in a new series of television ads.

The Lincoln Project, an activist group of anti-Trump conservatives, is launching a new ad campaign ahead of the 2020 election showing how President Donald Trump's adult children are financially benefitting from their father serving in the White House, reported the Huffington Post.

A voiceover intended to sound like Ivanka Trump brags that her “daddy being president is the best thing ever” in the first ad, which was released Friday.

“Oh, Daddy, you’re so good to us,” says the "Ivanka" soundalike.

The ads will appear on CNN, MSNBC and even Trump-friendly Fox News.