Trump's chaos is no accident -- he simply refuses to learn how to act as president: conservative
President Trump, at a campaign rally, Aug. 1, 2019, in Cincinnati. AP/John Minchillo

The defining characteristic of Donald Trump's presidency is his refusal to become any better at his job, according to one conservative columnist, and that incompetence could badly hurt the nation he leads.

Trump's administration started off with chaos at the airports after his Muslim ban went into effect, and they were thrown into chaos again over the weekend after his son-in-law Jared Kushner and senior adviser Stephen Miller hastily crafted a ban on travel from Europe, according to the Washington Post's Max Boot.

"Every administration faces a steep learning curve when it takes office," Boot writes. "The defining characteristic of the Trump administration is its refusal to become any less incompetent than it was on day one, thanks to its contempt for expertise and its preference for ideology over reality."

Boot singled out Kushner for scorn, saying the president's son-in-law brings arrogance and ignorance to the wide-ranging portfolio of responsibilities Trump hands off to him.

"The Trump people were utterly unprepared to run the federal government and began making momentous decisions with no understanding of what they were doing or what kind of risks they were running," Boot writes.

"Critical failures โ€” principally the failure to distribute tests more widely and to alert Americans to the severity of the threat โ€” are almost certain to cost large numbers of lives," he adds. "Trump is incapable of either taking charge or accepting responsibility for what his subordinates are doing in his name."