Trump's Fox and Friends COVID-19 interview devolves into a mad rant -- here are the 6 craziest moments
Several of US President Donald Trump's immigration policies hvae been blocked in court (AFP Photo/Olivier Douliery)

President Donald Trump called into "Fox & Friends" on Monday morning to discuss his administration's work on handling the coronavirus pandemic -- but it quickly devolved into an angry rant in which he attacked his political foes.

During the lengthy hour-long interview, the president frequently drifted off topic to make outlandish statements about the media, the Democratic Party, and even the history of American foreign policy, among other topics.

Below are the wildest moments from Trump's "Fox & Friends" COVID-19 interview.

1.) Trump calls House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a "sick puppy." Even though Pelosi was instrumental in getting the $2 trillion coronavirus economic relief bill passed quickly through the House of Representatives, the president spent a good chunk of his interview falsely accusing her of holding up its passage.

“She’s a sick puppy, in my opinion,” Trump told the hosts. “She has a lot of problems... There’s something wrong with the woman."

He also trashed Pelosi's home city of San Francisco, which he called a "slum."

2.) Trump lies about governors being happy with the federal government's response to the crisis. Multiple governors around the country, including Republican Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, have slammed Trump for creating a system for buying supplies in which states have to viciously compete against one another.

Trump, though, said that everything was fine and that governors were "very happy" with what he's done.

"They have no information," Trump said of media reports claiming that governors are unhappy, despite the fact that multiple governors have gone on record to voice their displeasure.

3.) Trump takes credit for the job New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has done handling the pandemic. Cuomo has received rave reviews for how he's tackled the coronavirus crisis, and his approval rating has soared to more than 70 percent.

Trump, however, told "Fox & Friends" that he should get the credit being given to the New York governor.

"We're giving him four hospitals and four medical centers and all of the things that we've done," the president said. "One of the reasons he's successful is we've helped make him successful."

4.) Trump gives China and Russia a pass for spreading misinformation about the virus. After being asked about a Washington Post report about China and Russia trying to sow chaos by spreading lies about the virus, Trump suggested it was no big deal.

"They do it and we do it," he said. "Every country does it."

5.) Trump spreads falsehoods about the Green New Deal and once again makes unhinged comments about windmills. The president falsely claimed that the proposed Green New Deal would ban all airplane travel and also falsely claimed that it would limit every American family to owning just one electric-powered car.

And for good measure, he went off on a strange rant about wind power.

"Windmills all over the place to ruin everybody's house and farm!" he said at one point.

6.) Trump wonders why the U.S. and Russia aren't allies anymore like they were during World War II. The president announced that he was scheduled to take a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin shortly after his "Fox & Friends" interview, and he used the occasion to complain that America and Russia weren't allies like they should be.

"They also fought World War II, they lost 50 million people," Trump said. "Germany was the enemy... and Germany's [now] like this wonderful thing."

Despite this, Trump still insisted that he's been "tougher on Russia than any president in the history of the country."