Watch Katie Porter corner bank CEO during congressional hearing: ‘Taxpayers are subsidizing Wells Fargo’
Rep. Katie Porter (screengrab)

First-term Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) has repeatedly surprised CSPAN viewers with her incisive questioning during congressional hearings.

That was on display again on Tuesday when Porter questioned Wells Fargo CEO Charlie Scharf.

Scharf did not know how many of his bank tellers received public assistance. So Porter let him know about a UC Berkeley study showing one-third of bank tellers make so little in wages that they require public assistance.

"So taxpayers are subsidizing Wells Fargo's wages to the tune of $900 million per year," Porter noted.

The mother of three explained her personal views on the subject.

"I don't want my kids to go grow up to be Wells Fargo tellers, because statistically speaking, one of the three would end up needing public assistance.

Scharf even got cornered on the question of whether his company is profitable.