WATCH: Shocked Bernie Sanders learns for the first time Bloomberg has dropped out and endorsed Biden
Bernie Sanders appears at a press conference (YouTube/screen grab)

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders learned for the first time from reporters on Wednesday afternoon that former Mayor Michael Bloomberg had dropped out of the race in support of former Vice President Joe Biden.

"Has he stepped out?" Sanders said after being told that Bloomberg suspended his campaign.

"He's dropped out, supporting Joe Biden," one reporter confirmed.

"It's the first I heard about it," Sanders admitted. "He certainly brought a lot of money into this race. He certainly made a lot of television networks very, very wealthy."

"This just confirms exactly what I said!" he continued. "How do we stop Bernie Sanders? How do we stop a movement of working people and low income people? How do we stop a multi-generational, multi-racial movement, which is standing up for justice?"

Watch the entire clip below.