‘What is going on?!’: Morning Joe panel stunned by Trump administration’s frightening coronavirus response
Morning Joe -- screenshot

During a report on the U.S. government's $8.3 billion package to fight the coronavirus epidemic that was approved by the Senate on Thursday, MSNBC "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough expressed dismay at the stunningly small number of test kits available as the health crisis threatens to turn into a pandemic.

According to co-host Mika Brzezinski, "As we reported, experts say many, many people are likely to be infected but are walking around undiagnosed. On Monday the Trump administration said it would have close to a million tests available by the end of the week. Now we're learning the administration will miss that goal by a long shot -- able to provide only 75,000 tests. This is a big problem: 75,000."

"What is going on!?"co-host Joe Scarborough exclaimed. "We're a country of 300 million and getting 75,000 kits out at this late date?"

"The Senate yesterday approving the $8.3 billion emergency spending package the House passed the day before --the vote was one short of unanimous, 96-1 with Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) casting the dissenting vote," Brzezinski continued, before addressing co-host Willie Geist. "Again, Willie, not going to help the problem right now where you have so many people potentially and most possibly walking around undiagnosed and literally absolutely not enough test kits to go around."

"If you listen to people dealing with this on the ground like [New York] Mayor De Blasio, he's pleading we need the test kits and, as you just said, they are not being made available," he replied.

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