'You're a monster!' Stephen Colbert rips Trump for bragging about coronavirus response
Comedian Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert ripped President Donald Trump for downplaying the coronavirus outbreak as Americans die and the stock market tumbles.

The "Late Night" host pointed to Trump's tweet Monday comparing the virus to the flu, and offering misleading statistics about the spread of coronavirus.

“Okay, let me think about that,” Colbert said. “You’re a monster.”

“Here’s the thing,” Colbert added. “We can criticize Trump’s golfing and tweeting, but when he hunkers down and focuses on the problem, that’s when he really sucks.”

Colbert then bashed Trump for rambling about his "super genius" uncle who taught at MIT, which the president suggested made him qualified to handle the outbreak.

“I don’t care how smart your uncle was,” Colbert said. “Epidemiology is not genetic. You don’t get your mother’s eyes and your father’s PhD. Knowledge does not get passed down in the family. That’s why, no matter how much we all know it now, future generations are going to have to learn for themselves that you’re an idiot.”