‘A sniveling sycophant’: Conservative columnist disgusted by Mike Pence’s lack of character
Vice President Mike Pence (screengrab)

Writing in The Washington Post this Wednesday, columnist Jennifer Rubin contends that the contrast between America's political parties "is so vast that one could imagine collapse of the two-party system until an adequate substitute for the Republican Party could be crafted." According to Rubin, that contrast was on "horrifying display" this Tuesday.

On the one hand, there was Hillary Clinton's endorsement of Joe Biden for 2020, followed by a discussion where the two tackled disproportionate impact coronavirus has had on the U.S. population and a "friendly reminiscing of their time in the Obama administration reminded us of a time when graceful, decent and cordial people populated government."

On the other hand, Republicans and Trump "displayed some of the worst of the worst behavior." Specifically, there was Vice President Mike Pence's visit to the Mayo Clinic where he refused to wear a face mask.

"Why would Pence act so recklessly, putting himself and caregivers in further danger?" Rubin writes. "Well, Trump does not like the idea of wearing a mask so a sniveling sycophant probably wouldn’t want to be seen in one, either. It is difficult to fathom someone so weak in character as to endanger others because of his boss’s vanity."

Read her full op-ed over at The Washington Post.