'Beyond madness': MSNBC's Morning Joe horrified by Trump's bizarre COVID-19 treatment claims

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough was shocked and horrified by President Donald Trump's recommendation to inject disinfectants or somehow use UV light internally to treat the coronavirus.

The "Morning Joe" host repeatedly rolled a clip of the president asking his baffled public health adviser Dr. Deborah Birx whether "light inside of the body" could be used to treat COVID-19, and he said the bizarre spectacle encapsulated the insanity of Trump's presidency.

"I guess if you could collapse the past three and a half years of madness into one clip, that might be the clip," Scarborough said.

"I have so much respect for Dr. [Deborah] Birx and Dr. [Anthony] Fauci," he continued. "They're hanging in there, trying to save lives. I knew growing up that, with my children, that if I would use Scrubbing Bubbles to clean the bathtub before they got in there, I would not spray it in my children's mouth or my own mouth, if I had a fever or disease."

"This is so beyond madness," Scarborough added. "You have an American president saying such things about putting disinfectant in the body, putting light in the body. It is so beyond parody."