Brutal new ad whacks Trump for making ‘America first’ -- in COVID-19 deaths
Donald Trump AFP

A brutal new advertisement from pro-Democrat super PAC Priorities USA takes President Donald Trump's slogan of "America first" and throws it right back in his face.

"Donald Trump said he would put America first, and now he has," the ad begins. "The United States leads the world in coronavirus cases. More 50,000 Americans dead, twice as many deaths as any other country. Over 26 million people have lost their jobs, and it's only getting worse."

The ad also slams Trump for "downplaying the threat, ignoring the experts" and "refusing to prepare" for the pandemic that has now killed more than 56,000 Americans.

"Donald Trump is failing America," the ad concludes.

CBS News reports that Priorities USA is spending $2 million over the next two weeks to spread the ad on television and social media, and it has pledged to spend at least $65 million hammering Trump with negative ads.

"America should be setting an example and leading on the world stage," Priorities USA Chairman Guy Cecil tells CBS News. "But instead, Donald Trump is failing us and now we are first in infections and first in deaths. We will never let him rewrite history or hide the truth from the American people."

Watch the ad below.