Conservative radio host agrees with caller that vaping bleach might cure COVID-19: 'You're not crazy'
Jeff Kuhner (Facebook)

A talk radio caller suggested vaping bleach as a possible treatment for coronavirus, and conservative host Jeff Kuhner assured him the recommendation wasn't crazy.

The caller, who identified himself as Zack from Stoughton, called into Boston's WRKO-AM on Friday morning to talk about President Donald Trump's dangerous suggestion to use disinfectants or powerful light internally to treat COVID-19.

"I've been thinking about this thing," Zack began. "I was a smoker for years, I smoked about three packs a day, and I never liked this new vape thing coming out with the nicotine in it, but I also have a bunch of friends with big cleaning companies."

After hearing an ad on Kuhner's program offering a disinfecting service during the pandemic, Zack said he started connecting the dots and wondered whether vape pens could deliver bleach and other disinfecting chemicals into infected lungs.

"Maybe they could make some sort of vape that could help people, you know, that would atomize chemicals into your lungs and you could blow it out your nose," Zack said. "Thinking outside the box is what we need to do now, and no one seems to want to do it. I don't know if I'm crazy."

The host assured the caller his idea was sound.

"No, you're not," Kuhner said. "Zack, you're not crazy, and bingo -- you said the word, you said the phrase. Thank you for that call. Thinking outside the box."

"That's literally what the president was doing yesterday," Kuhner added. "That's what a good chief executive does."

The Environmental Protection Agency issued a warning following Trump's remarks that disinfectant was intended for use only on surfaces, and not internally or topically.

“Never apply the product to yourself or others," the EPA warned. "Do not ingest disinfectant products."

Most disinfecting products, including chlorine and alcohol, are also hazardous when inhaled in large enough amounts.