CPAC’s Matt Schlapp taken to task by cartoon characters for his coronavirus ‘pandemic payday’
American Conservative Union's Matt Schlapp (screengrab)

The Stephen Colbert-produced show "Tooning Out the News" interview American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp.

Schlapp's organization puts on the giant Conservative Political Action Convention (CPAC), which refused to cancel despite the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Both President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence attended the event.

Schlapp was asked about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wanting to hold NASCAR and golf tournaments.

“If you guys can go to work and not get sick, I think it’s time to let other people work,” Schlapp told the fictional cartoon characters.

"Matt, you are the executive officer of a lobbying firm called Cove Strategies, right? And last year, Cove received $190,000 from Abbot Laboratories. Now the White House is deploying Abbot Laboratories products to test for COVID-19," co-host Jonathan Keene said.

“Matt, you got the job done!" the cartoon character said, with the chyron "pandemic payday" was on-screen.