'Discount Kellyanne' Kayleigh McEnany drowned in mockery for claiming Trump is working too hard to eat
Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany (Photo: screen capture)

Even though it's been well documented that President Donald Trump spends hours every day watching cable news instead of working, members of his administration are now trying to convince Americans that he's working so hard at his job that he's skipping meals.

Trump spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany on Monday told Fox News that many officials in the administration are worried that the president is putting so much time into solving the coronavirus pandemic that he's not properly nourishing himself.

"[Chief of staff Mark Meadows] was asked what his concern was day to day, he looks at the president's schedule, and he made the point that the president is so busy and so hard at work, his concern is making sure he gets a bite to eat here and there," she said.

As researchers at Media Matters have documented, Trump spends his mornings watching and tweeting about "Fox & Friends" and other cable news shows, while the New York Times reported this week that the president regularly shows up to work at noon after a full morning of watching cable news.

McEnany's attempt to portray Trump as a tireless worker didn't fly with many Twitter users -- check out some reactions below.