Even Trump criticizes Mike Pence's answer about why the administration won't open Obamacare exchanges

At Wednesday's coronavirus task force press briefing, reporters asked Vice President Mike Pence to justify why the administration is refusing to reopen the Affordable Care Act insurance marketplaces for a special enrollment period in response to the pandemic — and the vice president's answer was so evasive and unhelpful that even President Donald Trump teased him for it.

Pence replied that he was working with insurance companies to eliminate copays for coronavirus-related treatment — which doesn't help people who have no coverage and can't enroll because the administration hasn't authorized enrollment.

When reporters pointed this out, Pence said that Medicaid was also being authorized to cover care — which is not helpful to people who are ineligible for Medicaid coverage. Despite reporters repeatedly asking him what uninsured people are supposed to do without the exchanges reopened, Pence kept deflecting to copays and Medicaid.

"I think that's one of the greatest answers I've ever heard," said Trump finally. "Because Mike was able to speak for 5 minutes and not even touch your question."

Watch below: