Fox News doctor shuts down Fox & Friends host on COVID-19: ‘Anywhere can be like New York City’
Brian Kilmeade and Nicole Saphier

A Fox News contributor delivered the bad news to a "Fox & Friends" host that conservative Southern states were no more immune to the coronavirus outbreak than New York.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade defended Republican governors who have been slow to issue statewide stay-at-home orders because the virus was not yet ravaging their states, but medical contributor Dr. Nicole Saphier warned that those states would eventually see the same crisis unfold.

"Everyone thinks that New York City is the hot spot and that's the only one that's going to be, but that's not true," Saphier said. "Anywhere can be like New York City, [what] we are seeing right now. [Other states] are just a few weeks behind."

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has refused to issue a lockdown order, suggesting that her state was immune to New York, California or Louisiana's fate, and Kilmeade wondered if maybe she was right.

"Louisiana is bad but Alabama isn't," he said.

Saphier said the disaster just hadn't erupted there.

"Alabama is starting to have increase in cases, too," she said. "I agree that each state needs to do what's best for their state. However, you are starting to see those cases increase and what's happening in Louisiana is going to happen in Alabama, too."