'Fox News is eating her brain': Columnist describes drastic measures to get her mom to take COVID-19 seriously
Sean Hannity (CBS News/screen grab)

New York Times columnist Kara Swisher had an incredibly hard time getting her mother to take the threat of COVID-19 seriously -- and she says that Fox News is primarily to blame.

In her latest column, Swisher writes that her mother for the past few weeks largely kept going about her daily life as though there weren't a deadly pandemic raging across the country. Swisher became so concerned for her mother's safety that she frantically called and texted her to the point where her mother told her to knock it off.

"She kept going out with friends to restaurants and shopping and generally living her life as it always had been," Swisher writes. "'What’s the big deal, Kara? Stop bothering me,' she said over the phone."

Swisher says that the reason for her mother's nonchalance could have only come from one source: Fox News, whose hosts for weeks tried to portray the coronavirus pandemic as part of a broader plot to undermine President Donald Trump.

"It was Fox, the whole Fox and nothing but the Fox," Swisher says. "Many children of older parents have come to know this news diet as the equivalent of extreme senior sugar addiction mixed with a series of truly unpleasant and conspiracy-laden doughnuts... it sometimes feels like Fox News is eating my mother’s brain."

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