'Gives a chill up my spine': Doctor outlines dire situation for nursing homes if Trump reopens economy too soon

President Donald Trump's push to reopen the American economy amid the coronavirus pandemic is inherently risky, as it could lead to a sudden spike in new infections from the disease.

Dr. Dave Campbell, who is MSNBC's chief medical correspondent, told host Joe Scarborough on Wednesday that he fears what will happen to many older Americans if the president succeeds in getting states to lift their social distancing restrictions too quickly.

"Florida was one of the last states to relatively close down, and now I have this grave concern that it may be one of the first states to start opening back up," he said. "Those scenes of nursing homes where they've become the outbreaks that we are all concerned about, just gives me a chill up my spine to imagine that we will create a situation... with those that are most at risk, the elderly that are in nursing homes who have no control over their environment."

Campbell warned that trying to "stimulate the economy" in the current environment would instead "stimulate outbreaks in nursing homes."

Watch the video below.