‘I see you’re wearing a mask’: Reporter hilariously nails Michigan protester who says he’s not concerned about coronavirus

A large crowd of protesters organized by a conservative group descended on the Michigan's state Capitol this Wednesday, calling on Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to reopen the state's economy.

News footage of the protest showed some demonstrators holding signs and chanting slogans on the Capitol steps while others remained in their vehicles, honking their horns.

An amusing exchange played out during a news broadcast. As WOOD TV8's Leon Hendrix approached protesters for interviews, he encountered one protester who also happened to be wearing a mask.

The protester, who identified himself as Joseph Dixon, said he was there to support Michigan's businesses and "stand up for the "rights of our fellow Michiganders," adding that he believes Gov. Whitmer has "overstepped her rights with our freedoms."

"Are you concerned about this virus," Hendrix asked.

"I was in the beginning until I've done my research and found out the realities and the media's overreach on it and that it's not as serious as they made it out to be, and that's why I am here, because I feel that they are overreaching, overreacting, and crushing our small businesses, crushing our economy," Dixon replied.

"I see you're wearing a mask, so you must have some level of concern," Hendrix pressed, to which Dixon replied that he was just utilizing "common courtesy."