Massive maniacal meltdown: Trump lashes out in rampage of rage tweeting – totally ignores 61,000 dead Americans
Donald Trump (AFP/File / JIM WATSON)

There are currently over one million Americans confirmed to have been infected with coronavirus, and 61,680 Americans who have died from the devastating virus.

Over the past 12 hours President Donald Trump went into meltdown mode. The clearly upset and frustrated leader of the most powerful country on the planet chose to share that frustration as he does daily, on Twitter.

In a rampage of over 40 tweets the President lashed out, tweeting or retweeting about: his former National Security Advisor, fired and disgraced convicted felon Michael Flynn (a lot); former FBI Director Jim Comey, whom he also fired; his Senate acquittal; meat processing plants; Iowa Pork; Iowa; "The Do Nothing Democrats!"; BP America; a GOP Congressman's attack on Joe Biden; a help wanted link; a right wing extremist pundit's claim journalists never apologize, after one did the day before – which Trump tweeted; a Sexual Health Counselor's tweet attacking CNN; Sweden; CNN's Don Lemon; MSNBC's Joe Scarborough; MSNBC's Brian Williams (a lot); CNN (a lot); a lie that Hillary Clinton's campaign colluded with Russia; "FAKE POLLING"; Roger Stone; Comcast; and a Happy Birthday message to a GOP Congressman.

Missing from those 40-plus tweets was a single word of sorrow, lament, sadness, or grief over the 61,680 Americans who have died from the devastating coronavirus, a pandemic his actions made exponentially worse.