Mitch McConnell’s ‘dumb’ bankruptcy rant is ‘hugely damaging to Republicans’: conservative columnist
Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) addresses the Republican National Convention at the Quicken Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. (mark reinstein/

Writing in the Washington Post this Thursday, Jennifer Rubin took Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to task over his desire to allow states to declare bankruptcy instead of giving them unrestricted funds from the coronavirus relief bill. "He blithely declares, after spending trillions of dollars on everything from airline bailouts to small-business loans to enhanced employment that we shouldn’t borrow to fund state and local governments," she writes. "He might want to check back with the folks in Kentucky."

According to Rubin, McConnell's position is "politically dumb" and if he wants the economy to rebound, allowing states and cities to flounder is not the way to do it. As a political matter, the move is hugely damaging to Republicans as well.

With both Democrats and Republicans opposed, McConnell’s position makes no practical or political sense, Rubin writes.

"It’s the Herbert Hoover mentality all over again, as though fiscal tightening is the antidote to recession," Rubin continues. "It nevertheless is revealing of the ongoing contempt many Republicans (including many in the donor class) have for good governance and active, nimble government. The position is entirely out of step with popular opinion that wants government action now."

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