MSNBC's Morning Joe unleashes hell on 'stupidity' of Fox News' TV doctors for downplaying deaths of COVID-19 victims

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough launched a full-throated attack on Dr's Mehmet Oz and Dr. Phil McGraw to kick off Friday's "Morning Joe" calling them stupid and questioning their motives for downplaying the death toll of coronavirus victims during their appearances on Fox News on Thursday.

Using Dr. Oz stating there might be an acceptable number of deaths if children were returned to school soon despite the COVID-19 pandemic, both Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski hammered the doctors -- and Fox News for spouting misinformation to the public on an almost daily basis.

Following a clip of Dr. Anthony Fauci having to shoot down Fox News personality Laura Ingraham for comparing COVID-19 to AIDS, host Scarborough claimed "there is an angle" as to why the conservative network of downplaying the crisis.

Referring to the rhetoric as "stupidity," Scarborough continued, "I mean, my god. As Dr. Fauci said, it is unprecedented."

"I want to show one more thing that I saw," Scarborough continued as he showed a Twitter screenshot. "I don't sleep much especially during this crisis. I saw this in the early morning, I think. it was Erick Erickson who put up this chart-- a conservative. He said, 'This is not the flu,' sources of CDC COVID tracking project. Look at the lines: here's Dr. Oz's car crashes, you have the flu, Dr. Phil. you have the 2017/2018 flu, the '57/'58 Asian flu with pneumonia. Look at the line that goes up for COVID-19."

Watch below: