'One failure after another': MSNBC's Morning Joe busts tragic COVID-19 mistakes Trump keeps trying to deny
President Donald Trump and Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough lamented the repeated failures and missed opportunities by President Donald Trump as he faced the coronavirus outbreak.

The "Morning Joe" host criticized the president for claiming it was not the federal government's job to test Americans for the virus, and instead shifted responsibility to the states and their governors.

"This is a perfect 'the buck stops here' contrast with Donald Trump, saying, 'I am not responsible,'" Scarborough said. "What we can talk about is ventilators, the national Defense Production Act. We could talk about all the ways that Donald Trump keeps trying to pass the buck, keeps trying to say, 'I'm not responsible.'"

"Yesterday's example was particularly outrageous, saying it wasn't his job, it wasn't the federal government's job to do testing," he continued. "Yes, it is. It's the CDC's job, it has been the CDC's job. It was the Trump administration's job, they failed so miserably at it, that the Food and Drug Administration said that if they were a private entity, they'd shut down the CDC."

"Two days later, Feb. 29, the FDA finally threw their arms up in the air and said, okay. we're going to open this up to private testing," Scarborough added. "This is after one failure after another failure after another failure from the CDC and the Trump administration. Yet Donald Trump stands there yesterday, lying to the American people again, saying, 'It's not our job.' It was their job, they failed miserably at their job. That mistake, I think historians will probably estimate costs this country at least $2 trillion, having to shut down the economy because we couldn't track the coronavirus. The president still, still shows no interest in taking the lead on testing."