'Our time has come!' Proponents of drinking bleach are giddy about Trump's disinfectant comments
Composite image of Donald Trump and a parody image of Clorox Chewables

People who advocate drinking bleach as a "miracle cure" for COVID-19 are absolutely thrilled with President Donald Trump's musings about injecting disinfectants to treat the disease.

Vice News reports that proponents of the so-called "Miracle Mineral Solution," which the Food and Drug Administration describes as a "dangerous bleach," believe that Trump's disinfectant comments show that their views are gaining mainstream respectability.

"Our time has come!" wrote MMS advocate Kerri Rivera in a message to a Telegram group. "With all eyes on Trump as he discusses a mystery disinfectant, I can't help but hope that we will have more heads turning our way as people began to wonder what he might have been talking about... This is a MAJOR OPPORTUNITY to begin a discussion about a timely and interesting application of chlorine dioxide."

Rivera has been promoting MMS for the past decade as a miracle cure for autism, although she quickly pivoted to hawking it as a COVID-19 treatment when the disease came into the public consciousness earlier this year.

In reality, however, the FDA says that MMS is a potentially deadly concoction that becomes bleaching agent chlorine dioxide when combined with citric acids typically found in lemon juice and lime juice.