'Sociopath' Trump walloped for bragging about rising stock market as coronavirus ravages America: 'Over 16,000 people died you ghoul'
US President Donald Trump, pictured at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on March 6, 2020, has been rebuked for his messaging on the outbreak (Photo: AFP/File / JIM WATSON)

Donald Trump kicked off Friday morning boasting about a rebounding stock market that is starting to come back from a major collapse as the result of coronavirus pandemic crippling America -- due in no small part to his administration's mishandling of the healthcare crisis.

According to the president, "This week, in only 4 days, we had the biggest Stock Market increase since 1974. We have a great chance for the really big bounce when the Invisible Enemy is gone!"

Twitter commenters were quick to fire back at the president, pointing out that people are dying and now is no time to take credit for a market that went into a tailspin because of his own bumbling response to the pandemic.

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