Ted Cruz gets slammed over his claim that reporters are ‘giddy with glee’ over coronavirus disaster
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) -- screenshot

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida was recently lambasted by journalists after claiming that the mainstream media “can’t control their glee” over the coronavirus pandemic. And Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas is being slammed for making similar comments on Twitter as well as on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show “The Ingraham Angle.”

Appearing on “The Ingraham Angle” on Monday night, Cruz told Ingraham, “You see, much of the mainstream media trying to root for disaster. They are rooting for this pandemic to be worse and worse.”

The Texas senator recently self-quarantined after interacting with a man at the 2020 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) who was diagnosed with COVID-19, but Cruz never tested positive for the virus — which, according to the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, has killed more than 79,000 people worldwide (including more than 11,850 in the U.S.).

Cruz not only attacked the media on Ingraham’s show, but also, the Democratic Party — implying that Democrats are enjoying the pandemic because it gives them an excuse to “attack Trump.”

“We should be coming together to root for America, to root for defeating the pandemic, and root for jobs coming back,” Cruz told Ingraham. “And I think too many partisan Democrats want to just use this catastrophe to attack Trump rather than come together and fight for our country.”

This wasn’t the first time this month that Cruz had claimed that the mainstream media were welcoming the coronavirus pandemic. On April 4, Cruz tweeted, “The press HATED that, three months ago, we had the lowest African-American & Hispanic unemployment ever recorded. Now that we’re in the midst of a global pandemic —which originated in Wuhan, not the Oval Office —t oo many in the press are giddy with glee.” And like Rubio, Cruz has been slammed by Twitter users over his comments.

MSNBC’s Garrett Haake reminded Cruz, “Our colleagues, family members and friends are among those dying, Senator. Nobody is giddy.” And author Molly Knight told Cruz, “My friends in the media are getting laid off and their parents are dying. Nobody is happy. You are a monster.”

@StephJmom tweeted, “The fact that people like Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio cruelly claim that anyone is ‘gleeful’ about this, is disgusting! Disgusting an elected official, Senator would speak this way about any American! That’s said, Trump is a bigger monster than they are. They enable him. Disappointing.”

A fellow Texan, the Dallas Morning News’ Evan Grant, asserted, “Senator as one of your constituents, who works in the press can you cite any facts to back up this statement? Many colleagues are being laid off, many of our parents live in assisted living homes at risk; our kids face uncertainty; We are concerned Americans. I’d love an answer.”

@TheGlare_TM reminded Cruz how much time Trump spent claiming that coronavirus didn’t pose a major threat to the U.S., posting, “Teddie, *two weeks ago* your boy was saying we wouldn’t be touched by the global pandemic. Thanks so much for reminding us that he was 2.5 months late in responding to the global pandemic.”