‘They’re not conservatives, they’re idiots’: MSNBC’s Morning Joe shreds ‘Trumpists’ pushing for premature end to lockdowns
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough ripped President Donald Trump's political allies for pushing to end social distancing guidelines that are backed by broad majorities of Americans.

The "Morning Joe" host cited poll after poll showing strong majorities believe stay-at-home orders should remain in place for now, but many Trump-loving conservatives insisted the lockdowns were a mistake and should be ended immediately.

"I'd love to put that poll back up that shows 85 percent of Americans think it's a bad idea, and mark me as one of those Americans," Scarborough said, "even though I'm saying reopen the parks, let people walk on beaches, reopen public spaces, let people socially distance safely, let's start figuring out a way to move towards reopening the economy."

"But reopening schools, 85 percent of Americans think this is a bad idea," he continued, "and yet you have Donald Trump going out suggesting that schools reopen this year. You have the attorney general of the United States of America at the same time Donald Trump puts out guidelines that he's now -- he's already forgotten the guidelines he's put out."

"So these conservatives -- not conservatives, they're idiots, these Trumpists who think they're finding a way forward politically by attacking stay-at-home orders, they're the 10 percent," he added. "They're the 15 percent, they're in the minority. If they think this is how they're going to build the future of the Republican Party after Trump loses this fall, they are badly mistaken, and they can look at any polls, including Fox News polls."