'This is going to be bad': Trump aides texted each other wondering where he got idea for 'injecting disinfectant'
White House photo of President Donald Trump announcing a new trade deal with Mexico in the Oval Office.

When President Trump seemingly suggested that injecting a "disinfectant" into one's body could be utilized as a treatment for coronavirus, shock and confusion rippled across the social media sphere. But according to a new report from NBC News, people inside the West Wing of the White House were also reeling from his remarks.

When Trump's comments first hit the airwaves, White House officials began texting one another, asking where he got that idea. One Trump adviser told NBC News that they know "this was going to be bad."

No one of them seemed to know where he got the idea, "as Trump did not consult with any task force members or administration officials before making his impromptu statement, which has now been universally rejected by health experts, the officials said," according to NBC News' Carol E. Lee, Kristen Welker and Monica Alba.

The Daily Beast reported that "four senior administration officials and two sources close to the president" said they had never heard Trump mention disinfectant injections before his recent remarks.

"All were dumbfounded by what he had said during the televised briefing," the Daily Beast reports. "Several official Trump surrogates reached by The Daily Beast on Friday morning had zero appetite to defend the president’s remarks, and were simply waiting for this bit of inconvenient news to slip out of the cable-news cycle."