Top South Dakota Republicans face investigation for appearing to be drunk during crucial coronavirus session

Lawmakers in South Dakota are investigating whether or not Senate Majority Leader Kris Langer (R) was drunk during a meeting earlier this week -- a meeting that dealt with new legislation regarding the coronavirus outbreak, the Rapid City Journal reports.

Another South Dakota Republican, Brock Greenfield, is also under investigation for his conduct during the meeting.

"Langer and Greenfield oversaw the Senate proceedings from a conference room in the Capitol as lawmakers convened through teleconference to decide on a series of emergency bills for the coronavirus outbreak," the Journal reports. "As the Senate prepared to adjourn Tuesday morning, Sen. Phil Jensen, a Rapid City Republican, said he had heard Langer was intoxicated and had interrupted meetings in the House and Senate. He then attempted to move to create a disciplinary committee."

Jensen says he noticed in a video feed of the meeting that both Langer and Greenfield's speech was slurred.

The committee conducting the investigation will be comprised of five Republicans and four Democrats. They have a June 30 deadline to come to a conclusion.

Read the full report at the Rapid City Journal.