Trump ally Doug Collins slams Georgia governor’s plan to reopen state
Doug Collins appears on CBS News (screen grab)

One of President Donald Trump's staunchest congressional allies slammed his governor for reopening the state's economy too soon.

Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA), who's running for U.S. Senate, told "Fox & Friends" that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp was wrong to promising to allow hair salons, tattoo shops, gyms and other businesses to reopen as the coronavirus outbreak continues to rage.

"The president wants the country open, I want the country open, the governor wants the country open," Collins told Fox News. "The problem is how do you do it, and I think that's the problem with leadership."

Kemp had vowed to ease social distancing restrictions by May 1, which had been Trump's targeted date for states to reopen, but the president disavowed the governor's announcement during Wednesday's coronavirus briefing.

"I will tell you this: My concern was not having the local input into that," Collins said.

"I think clear communication is what has to happen," he added. "But when you're telling people to still stay at home, but yet we're going to open certain businesses, that creates a problem in which people are not sure what to do."