Trump called out for his frequent lie that Pelosi was 'dancing' in Chinatown
Donald Trump (AFP:File : MANDEL NGAN)

At President Donald Trump's latest coronavirus task force briefing, he took a moment to repeat one of his favorite talking points, saying that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was "dancing in the streets" in Chinatown at the same time he was restricting travel from China.

On CNN, fact-checker Daniel Dale demolished this claim as false.

"This was shorter than some of the briefings, but as always, there were false and misleading claims," said Dale. "The president made at least six different false claims about what Nancy Pelosi did in Chinatown. He said today she was dancing in the streets. She did go to Chinatown, she did urge people to visit Chinatown, but was just walking around, no dancing, not holding a street fair or party, like the president has previously said."

Watch below: