Trump destroyed by ex-GOP consultant for his COVID-19 'incompetence': 'His ignorance has turned deadly'

Appearing on MSNBC late Friday night former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt claimed that Donald Trump is possibly the worst possible president to have in office during the coronavirus pandemic -- and that his incompetence has led to deadly results.

Speaking with host Joy Reid, Schmidt tore into the president in no uncertain terms.

"I think Trump has made the calculation that nobody is going to be in front of him on the line to reopen the economy," he began. "The reality right now, as the deaths pile up, this is an economic catastrophe that is slowly rolling across the country where you see hours-long food lines. Where you see millions of millions of Americans will be out of money. That the resources given to them by the federal government are insufficient"

Addressing the president's daily press conference on Friday, Schmidt added, "I think what we saw today is this deadly combination of traits by Trump in the middle of the worst crisis of the 21st century.... He's incapable of relaying information accurately, number one, he sows confusion, he's been indecisive as a leader, his delays, his incompetence, his ignorance has turned deadly."

Watch below: