Trump pastor's Easter message: Accepting Jesus is 'exactly' like getting paid for the coronavirus
Robert Jeffress delivers a sermon at First Baptist Church in Dallas (screen grab)

The Texas pastor who President Donald Trump chose to watch on Easter said that accepting Jesus is like getting free money for the coronavirus.

In a sermon at the First Baptist Church in Dallas, Pastor Robert Jeffress delivered his sermon to an empty sanctuary.

"I realize for some of you watching right now, all of this talk about temples, tapestries and blood sacrifices seems kind of foreign," Jeffress said. "Let me give you a practical illustration of what we say when we say Jesus paid for your sin."

"Just imagine that because of this coronavirus crisis, you lose your job and you get behind in your mortgage payment," he continued. "But a friend says to you, 'You know what, I've got more than enough money and I'll be happy not just to make a mortgage payment or two, I want to pay off your entire debt to the bank.'"

"And your friend writes out a check," the pastor added. "All you have to do is receive that check, endorse it, deposit in the bank where your mortgage is and your mortgage is paid off forever."

Jeffress argued that paying off a mortgage is "exactly what Jesus did for us."

"Every day our debt towards God increases like the national debt," he warned. "When Jesus Christ came to Earth and died on the cross he paid the debt!"

Watch the video below from First Baptist Church.